About the WoodKeeper

Jonathan Schiavone


Jonathan is specialised in conservation of furniture, wooden artefacts and structures. He is also interested in Computational photography and digital analysis applied to Cultural Heritage.

Jonathan grew up in Italy where he started to develop its good manual skills in young age by working in building sites for the family business. During high school, he developed a critical approach towards the quality of objects, materials and several building techniques. At this stage, he became aware of his passion for wooden artefacts. Thus, he started to work as an apprentice in a cabinet maker’s workshop where he learned to approach wood with modern and traditional techniques.

His interest for high quality craftsmanship drove Jonathan to apply his skills to the conservation of antique objects and furniture. Jonathan was awarded a Master of Art degree in Conservation and Restoration of the Cultural Heritage by the University of the Studies of Turin. The 5 years long course was run in collaboration with “La Venaria Reale” Conservation and Restoration Centre (http://www.centrorestaurovenaria.it/en). During these studies, Jonathan attended specific courses on the conservation and restoration of furniture and wooden artefacts and was involved in several restoration projects where he applied theoretical knowledge to antiques wooden artefacts but also learned from experts on the field.

During his degree, Jonathan is also introduced to digital documentation and computational analysis of artefacts to promote a better understanding of cultural heritage objects in members of the public. Jonathan’s knowledge on this topic is further strengthened by attending a course of computational photography applied to the cultural heritage at the “Venaria Reale” Conservation and restoration centre. Indeed, he learns several data acquisition techniques for the creation of digital documents, 3D models and animations that want to promote a better understanding of artistic objects.

Jonathan moves to Scotland in 2012 where he starts his business as a self-employed conservator becoming the WoodKeeper and establishes a solid collaboration with Timber and Lime Conservation LTD (www.timberandlime.com) and Vitruvio Conservation Studios (www.vitruvio.co.uk).