Sicilian Sofa

This beautiful inlayed sofa has a very interesting story to tell. It was built at the end of the 1800s in the south of Italy, then it followed the owner’s family once they moved up north in the 1950’s.

During its life it has been restored and re-upholstered several times, spending the last three decades in a garage. When the sofa came to us it was standing in a very poor condition; one of the carved legs was broken, the inlay decoration was detached in several areas and the finish was covered in dust and ruined. The upholstery was not solid anymore and the final fabric suffered for over 50 years of wear and tear.

A profound restoration treatment was carried.We fixed structural issues first, going through the inlay consolidation, surface cleansing and final polishing using shellach and beeswax.  We also had to replicate some of the high-relief carved decoration  that went missing in the past. We carved new sections to integrate missing enrichments, matching up shapes, colours and final finish.

Once the carcass was restored the new upholstery was carried out using traditional techniques.


campo 2valore 2
campo 3valore 3
campo 4valore 4
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